The more public support we have, the more likely it is that we will be able to get Nazanin and Gabriella home. There are many ways that you can help us to raise awareness of Nazanin and Gabriella’s situation. These include:

  • petition

Signing and sharing our petition at Change.Org

  • Social Media

Following and supporting us on social media.  It may be a small task, but following and sharing our story on Facebook (Free Nazanin), Twitter (@FreeNazanin) and Instagram (@FreeNazanin) is the easiest way for our campaign to reach new audiences.

  • Write to your MP

Now that our Government has opened full diplomatic relations with Iran, it’s essential we do everything to persuade them to treat this as a matter of the highest importance.  You can help us by writing to (or meeting with) your MP and asking them to raise Nazanin and Gabriella’s situation with Theresa May and Boris Johnson (the Foreign Secretary).  Your MP is your representative in Parliament and it is their job to raise matters on your behalf to the Government.  If you don’t already know the name of your MP, you can find out who they are on Parliament’s website.

  • Amnesty Write for Rights

Nazanin’s desperate situation has been selected for Amnesty’s 2016 Write for Rights campaign.  Amnesty asks supporters to write two letters: one letter to the Iranian authorities who have the power to release Nazanin at any time, the second, a letter of solidarity to Nazanin so she can know how many people are with her through her ordeal and isolation from the world.

More information on what to write, and where to write are available on Amnesty’s website .

  • Community Awareness

Please spread the word about Nazanin’s situation amongst your friends, family and local community groups.  We have received an overwhelming level of support from local communities and they have played an important part of our journey so far to bring Nazanin and Gabriella home.

  • Events

Do keep an eye out on this website and our Facebook/Twitter pages for events we may be holding in your area to show support for Nazanin and solidarity with other families suffering the same ordeal.


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How long Naz has been detained: